I say it all the time- everyone’s talking green, but who’s practicing what they preach?  And what does the term really mean?

For me, building green means building better – making the right choices in materials and design so that you save energy and conserve resources.  It means building right-as in “the right size” for your family’s needs, so your home is more efficient and environmentally responsible.  And it means building sustainably- so your home will outlast you and not require extensive repairs or replacement during your lifetime.

I also love hearing what people think green design means.  Nothing is more interesting to me than looking at how new building technologies, like solar panels and structural insulated planes (SIOs), can be used alongside ancient techniques like passive solar design and geothermal energy.  It’s all about taking the best of what we know today and using it in creative ways to make home-building better.

Whether it’s urban infill housing, or a house in the country, building new or a renovation anywhere-there’s always an eco-friendly element you can use to improve your home’s performance.




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